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    Sliverstone Largst Cities

    October 19, 2019 by DarRam

    Sliverstone is a sovereign nation part of the White Army, also part of a collaborative organization called the 4 Colored Armies. It was created in 1493 along with the creation of a neighboring nation called Atlantis, created from several Alantian Tribes. Largest cities first by century (until 1800), by random amount of decades (till 1880), then by centrury. The population censuses started from 1500.

    Rank         City Population Notes
    1 Compton 15,342 Sliverstone's first largest costal city
    2 Higinald 10,000 Now a neighborhood of Carrif since 1920.
    3 Boun 8,321 Sliverstone's first largest inland city
    4 Chanceville 6,234 Listed as a town; now it has become a city
    5 Vork 5,291 Now neighbohood of Carrif since 1900
    6 Aryton 3,222 Listed as a town
    7 Aer…

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  • DarRam

    First of all, look at their economical relations standpoint, they bulid eachothers resouces and also contribute their money to their large armies and superior industries. Companies that are in LC, about 25% of them belong to the Carthirst Territroy acorrding to Universal Bussiness Insider because it allows LC and the rest of its neighbors to have techology,10 years ahead of Earth's since the Treaty of Alliance made between the two countries declared so. Secondly, when LC and the Carthirst Territory were allies for the first time in 1917, each of their leaders signed treaty promising 10% of LC's resources and other products to under the Carthirst Territory's control since they had a bigger economy, mllitary,better (more advanced) technogy m…

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