He is one of Darren's associates ever since 1929 and still remains in contact with him today.

Born: September 3rd 1923 in Stampford, Dicon

Occupations: Marvel Crime Fighting Academy Cadet in Blue Roy, Dicon (1929-1934), FBI District Field Agent in St. Ford (1934-1940), FBI District National HQ's Top Secret Agent (1940-1945), FBI District National HQ Vice Leader (1945-1949), Carthirst Police Agency Carthirst State Chief (1949-1964), Carthirst Police Agency National Chief (1964-)

Nationality: Dicon British, Carthirst American

Spoken Languages: English, German, Welsh, French, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Affiliation: Allied Armed Forces, Carthirst Police Agency

Status: Active

Spouse: Katy Walter (m.1951)(b. 1930)

Children: Marcie (1953-), Josh (1955-), Candice (1960-), Albert (1962-)

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