Darren Ramlogan
Character Info
DOB August 1st, 1921
Age 95
Title/Rank Great Boss
Status Active
Occupation(s) Great Boss
Nationality Carthirst American
Relatives Classified
Affiliation Allied Armed Forces

The Great Alliance Force

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Born in August 1st ,1921, he progressed through many famous occupations in the name of military and politics. Then in 1999, he was teleported to Earth as a baby( the rest of the info is classified) and was born as a mortal human on earth. This was not unusual because the Carthirst Territory had the technology to do this.He is the most powerful person in the universe.

Ethnicity or Race: Classified

Professional Profile Edit

 Executive Award (1946)

Superior Award for Leadership (1935)

Tactics Leadership Award (1940)

§  Warfare Certificate (1943)

§  Supreme Military Status Universal 0 rank (2013)

§  Military Ethics Award (1931)

 Organizational Award (1956)

§  Grand Affairs Certificate( 1999)

§  Universal Organization and Affairs Award (2013)

 Working through and solving the most toughest
 and notorious cases in the universe. Preventing people from doing planned or
 unplanned crimes.

§  Grand Investigation Award( 1937)

§  Superior Protect and Serve Certificate(1942)

§  Supreme Justice Award(1954)

Work History Edit

1928-1930, Corrections Officer, Carthirst Capitol Military Police Department, Carthirst City, Carthirst State

1930-1949, FBI District Main Chairman, FBI District of CTY National Command Center, Carthirst State

1946-2011,Leader of the Carthirst Territory , Carthirst Capitol Building, Carthirst City,Carthirst State

1952-2013,Allied Boss , Allied Armed Forces, Allied CIR

2013-,Great Boss( Most Superior Position and Rank on the Universe) , The Great Alliance Force, Great Alliance Force Headquarters, Allied Country

1930-1946, Supreme Commander of the Carthirst Military , Carthirst Capitol Military Building  , Carthirst City, Carthirst State

Education Edit

1938-1944  Handword Superior Politic and Military Academy , Dawin, Carthirst State

§  Superior Masters Politics Degree

§  Superior Military Strategy and Tactics Degree

§  Rare Academy Degree

§  Ethics Degree

§  0 rank Politic and Military Award

§  Executive Certificate

§  United Certificate

§  High Priority Award

§  Superior Award and Certificate for Military and Politic Ethics 

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